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"Pikeman" (Mike McNulty)
Picture of Paul aka PaluchiePatelGoldsmifHeirsing
It is so sad to hear MIke passed away yesterday, He was a man of many words and very good to me when I first came on the RDOC a total wreck.
He put things in perspective for me and we had some good laughs too.
I will sadly miss him.
I pray he is now rid of pain
God bless to all his Family


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Picture of Maurice
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May I too pass my great sympathy to Mikes family. Mike was the first person I met at the support group in Bradford and was a great insparation to me he never complained even when he got worse. mike used to visit me in hospital and for that I will always be greatfull. He was a lovely man and I am proud to be able to call him a friend.
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Picture of Maurice
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Paul have you heard from Vicki Lynn lately, I am concered as see was always giving us all so much support
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Picture of Krishan
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That's such sad, sad news. I met him once and he was a wonderful gentleman. Here's a link to Pikeman's Profile where you can read his previous postings. Well, he was really friendly, positive and supportive. I'm sure we'll all miss him...
Thanks for letting us know Paul. Worried

Trustee & Webmaster
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Picture of Dr Vinod K Joshi
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Very sad. 'Pikeman' was a gentleman and wise. Mike felt strongly about the need for support for mouth cancer patients and was a great supporter of the website and the message board where he was a wise counsel. He supported our entry at the West Yorkshire Modernisation Awards 2004 in Leeds and that is where Krishan and I met him.

He once said to me when he wasn't able to take up an invitation for an ITV interview on mouth cancer awareness:
"I'm really brassed off about this because I was a moderately heavy smoker and a fairly heavy drinker. I knew that with the smoking I was running a risk, and in my mind the drinking was a lesser risk.

So, I wouldn't have been surprised with either lung or renal cancer. Never even thought about cancer of the mouth. Cancer of the tongue - nah, no such thing. How stupid can you be !

Sorry to rabbit on, but as you may surmise I (now) feel strongly about the lack of information regarding head and neck cancer. I feel that the physical and psychological results are hidden horrors."

Mike was philosophical about life, but that doesn't make it easier. We will miss our Pikeman. May he rest in peace.

Vinod Frowner

Disclaimer: Please see your own dentist/doctor for a proper diagnosis as my words should not, in any circumstances, be taken as dental/medical advice.

"If you see what is small as it sees itself, and accept what is weak for what strength it has, and use what is dim for the light it gives, then all will go well. This is called Acting Naturally."
Lao-Tsu, Tao Teh King
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Picture of Fran
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Feel like I've lost a Family member. He seemed to be a lovely man, & I looked forward to his postings.

RIP Pikeman,you will be missed.
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"Pikeman's" presence on RDOC will be sadly missed. He said he did not have "A way with words" he most certainly did. He gave me great encouragement from my first posting to the forum.

"One perfect moment
Cannot be repeated
Only remembered"

Kind Regards

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Picture of PaulineT
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Just so saddened to read this news. It seems only a couple of months ago Mike told us he had progressed to lung cancer. When there were onlya few of us on the board a couple of years ago we used to joke about what he'd give to eat toast again. It's so hard to believe he's no longer here. He was such a tolerant and understanding man.
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Picture of Brenda B
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I'm so very sorry and sad to hear that Pikeman is no longer with us. He was a gentle and sensitive man who enriched us all with his postings. My sympathies to his family and may Mike rest in peace. Brenda.
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Picture of Geeta Perks
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It is sad news that Mike has gone. I met him last year at the West
Yorkshire Modernization Awards 2004 at the Leeds Football Club. He had come
to support the RDOC website. I found him to have a great sense of
humour...he joked about not staying for the lunch reception
as he couldn't stand watching everyone eat...(he had been feeding through a
PEG for a few years)..he said christmas dinner was bad enough! Still after
the lunch (he went away for a beer!), he returned for the awards
presentations where I sat next to him at our table and later dropped him off
at the train station. Mike was a very pleasant man full of enthusiasm and
very supportive of others. He will deeply be missed.

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I would like to add to the previous comments, Pikeman gave me a lot of good advice, he never complained about his own problems, such a nice man, my sympathies to his family
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Picture of Krishan
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Mike attended the West Yorkshire Modernisation Awards in 2004, adding support to the RDOC web site entry. Here are some photos:

We'll always remember and miss Pikeman...

Trustee & Webmaster
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To all who have left such kind words on the message board for my dad, Mike McNulty. I would like to thank you from my heart for your kind words and support. I know my dad loved each and every one of you and enjoyed being able to help in any way he possibly could. He held his dignity to the end, he faced his illness with bravery and humility. My dad never once complained about his illness nor the pain it caused him.........he took great comfort in this group. Dad was always so positive..his light will be missed by many of us.....but I am sure he will keep an eye on us all.

Kindest Wishes
Veronica Frowner
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Picture of Vicki Lynn
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Well Mike for you this fight is over. For me it is still a battle every day. We have talked about this for some time now. I know in my heart that you are in a better place and that for you all your worries are over. We will soon meet on the mansion on the hill. For now my friend you have peace. No more pain for you. For all of us left behind--you were a inspriation, a guiding light, a man of many words and much much wisdom. I am a better person for knowing you and by being your friend...Thank you for all the wonderful kind words,,,,,Always Vicki Lynn Woods Wampler
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Vicki Lynn, what kind are a very brave lady whom my dad held dear...........thankfully his pain is now ended although it is still hard to take in...........forever is such a long time. I think my dad eventually gave up the battle to be honest........4 years is long enough to suffer like he did.........the last few months were not good but he never once complained.....I know he missed being able to contact you all but his pain was quite unbearable.....Keep fighting Vicki, be strong, be positive.....My dad always remained positive and I think a positive outlook helps so much.....power of the mind is an amazing thing. Stay firm.....
My thoughts and prayers are with you all

Warm Regards
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