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Urgent question
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I totally agree with you. He doesn't need anymore operation. One thing I have to say that his mood swings tremendously, one day is happy, another day is depressed. I understand because he is not well, but to be honest, it drives me absolutely crazy. I don't know what to do, I don't what do say. I certainly don't want to upset his feeling, but, I feel so helpless. I say something there is gonna be a row because he doesnt like anything i say at the moment, if I don't say anything, he blames me for "cold war" what should I do?????
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Oh Honeybee,
Please don't get upset by your husbands' moodswings. We all know how hard it is for all you carers to put up with us! I know there were times when I felt I was being really evil to my poor husband and I cried so much because he really didn't deserve it. Anyone going through what we went through will always have big highs and devastating lows, and you? - you're just supposed to understand it all. Think positive Honeybee, and above all, try to keep a sense of humour. I know that without my sense of humour, I really don't think I would be here today. If you want to have an 'off the record rant and rave', please feel free to email me on
Good luck and take care xx

My scars are the brush strokes in the masterpiece that is my life......
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I had awful problems with Dry Mouth since completing treatment for base of tongue cancer in July 2010. Constant drinking, gels, sprays and synthetic saliva’ 24/7/ became unbearable. I found in the US a Colonel Richard Niemtzow who discovered, developed and still practices his Dry Mouth treatment in Maryland.USA. He also created battlefield acupuncture and is the world renowned authority on these treatments.

I exhausted places in the UK to be treated with his protocol. so visited him July 9th, 2011 and within the first of only two sessions was able to produce saliva again. No more gels, sprays and synthetic saliva since this date and unbroken sleep since.

I was profoundly affected at the results of the treatment so started in the UK The Dry Mouth Foundation. but you could visit the colonel via his website

Let me know how you get on.

Terry Gannon.
Dry Mouth Foundation.
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Membership deleted and links removed. Yes

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Picture of Julia
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To Yuzhao88

Commercial postings on our site are neither appreciated nor welcomed. Dry up and go away!

I can't help but wonder if this poster and people like him go to other cancer-related sites to foist their wares. If so, SHAME ON THE LOT OF THEM!

Howdilly doodilly, survivorinos!
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16 years and still kicking it. Never give up your fight.
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hi honeybee
i never had surgery so can't advise but i'd like to wish your husband the best and a big hug for you because it's very hard for your loved ones watching and worrying.depression is very common with cancer patients and is hard for the carers too,take care love shirl xxx
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