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One of the problems I still have, after 15 months from the radiation is tooth care. I used baking soda at first, and then found that in Europe a tootpaste by Vademecum called Homeophytol didn't burn and was good. It is french and german made. Any tooth paste with mint Yikes, wasn't fun. I found that homeopathic tootpaste was good, but sans mint.
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Hi Chris, I use Biotene dry mouth toothpaste, the gel type. Have used it during and since radio. It is recommende by Guy's dental unit in London. Barely any flavour non-abrasive and good for lack of saliva.
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I too used Biotine, It was the best, kind of pricey but what can you do..
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One more vote for Biotene. Plus frequent trips to the dentist, and nightly (most of the time) mouth trays with fluoride.
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I had awful problems with Dry Mouth since completing treatment for base of tongue cancer in July 2010. Constant drinking, gels, sprays and synthetic saliva’ 24/7/ became unbearable. I found in the US a Colonel Richard Niemtzow who discovered, developed and still practices his Dry Mouth treatment in Maryland.USA. He also created battlefield acupuncture and is the world renowned authority on these treatments.

I exhausted places in the UK to be treated with his protocol. so visited him July 9th, 2011 and within the first of only two sessions was able to produce saliva again. No more gels, sprays and synthetic saliva since this date and unbroken sleep since.

I was profoundly affected at the results of the treatment so started in the UK The Dry Mouth Foundation. but you could visit the colonel via his website

Let me know how you get on.

Terry Gannon.
Dry Mouth Foundation.
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