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Post surgery symptoms
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hi gwyn,

Glad to hear everything is ok with you so far.
I thought i was the only one who's tongue felt bigger when i excercise but it kind of affects my speech too. Do you still have some numbness
in the chin? how long did it last? Ive also noticed my teeth biting my tongue in the back side just as i wake up. i also get this tightness sensation when i go somewhere like shopping but when im at home its fine. Thats a real strange symptom i have too. Wonder if it has anything to do with nerves or stress. Did you have a neck dissection at all? i still do
my lymphadema excercises now and then.

Ive also noticed a little bump on the underneath my chin, close to the neck. Im thinking its some kind of boil. Im not sure if i should go in and get it checked out. i was just at the doctor 2 weeks ago.

take care

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Hi Jerry

Yes I had a neck dissection as well. Still a little bit numb on the chin but again nothing to bother about. I was never given any lymphodoema exercises but they sound like a good idea. When my tongue feels big I always think it is affecting my speech a bit, but other people say they don't notice. How long does this feeling last for you after exercise?

It is a bit of a worry, isn't it, knowing when to go and get something checked out? I think its always better to be safe than sorry, though I suppose you could leave the bump a couple of days to see if it either improves or develops into a boil. Hard to say what's best - I think we all suffer from health anxiety after an experience like this, but then you have certainly had your share of problems as well!

All the best

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hi Gwyn,
When i went to the massage therapist, she mentioned she does massage of lymphadema. I asked her if she did it in the neck and she said she's done a couple. So i went there to get it done and she showed me some techniques that work very well if you followup with it 3 times daily. Anyway, it worked for me but i still do have lymphadema off and on.

The feeling in my tongue lasts about 15 minutes after i sit down and rest after excerise. But it
seems to flare up everytime im out doing something and its calm when im sitting down.

Im not sure about the lump yet, i think its going down. Im not sure what it is. Its just inside the skin. Its not connected to the jaw or anything.

I have to get checked by the dentist, i havent been to the dentist in about 10 months. i've put it off because im trying to heal my neck and tongue for so long. My last dentist cut my tongue with the tool he was using about 6 months before i noticed i had cancer diagnosis on my tongue. ive also had about 40 novacane shots because of root canal problems. i could write a book about the experience.

Anyway, take care

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Picture of mom of two boys
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I also had a small portion of my tongue removed and neck dissection. One positive lymphnode from the 25 removed. So I also had to endure 32 radiation treatmens. As far as my scar on my neck being numb I had it done in December and it is still numb but I do massage it my self often. My scar was very puffy at first and a nurse at my kids pediatrician told me to massage it and it was flat in a week. Also I had a nerve in my chin on the left side that caused part of my mouth to stay up when I smiled my ent was worried about the radiation making it tighter and it would maybe never relax. So the entire duration of my radiation I massaged it. Now it does not stay up when I smile. I have noticed I tend to bite the end of my tongue occasionally but I think everyone does that. Also if I am cleaning house or down on the floor bent over doing anything I do feel like my tongue swells and I can't breathe. But my mouth also gets dry from the radiation so it is not a fun event to clean house. After I was diagnosed I thought about any damage I had to my tongue over the years. Well to say the least I have had a lot of damage. When I was 6 I had cavaties and the dentist messed up my mouth pretty bad both lips were swollen out ward and I could hardly eat. When I was 15 My boyfriend but my head while I had my tongue sticking out and I ended up biting my tongue almost all the way thru. Then as I have went to the dentist everytime I have anything done I feel like they poked me in the tongue with the utensils I don't think it is intentional but they need to be careful with people. A lot of trauma can cause damage and cells not to heal.
I hope my experience helps you out somewhat.
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hi gwynn,
Good to hear from you.
Its been over year now, still have some
numbness under right jaw and most of the time
my right lower lip doesnt move much when talking
which makes me look crooked when i talk.
I still get that feeling in my tongue when im excercising, it feels fatter. Sometimes it sounds like my speech is slurred a little because its hard to pronounce "S" "ch" "sh".
I have not had a pet scan yet, not sure if i'll get one. Doctor said it wasnt necessary.
Anyway, im having this problem in my mouth (of course) near my back molar tooth. It needs a bridge because theres no molar next to the back one. The dentist says i cant get it until my wisdom teeth are all out. So now i have to get wisdom teeth out. I was just wondering if a wisdom tooth could hit a nerve in my chin which could cause all this numbness. At times it feels like the numbness is worse and other times its better. Also, what kind of doctor or dentist would take care of this problem.

thanks again
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Hi mom of two boys,
Its tough to get through the complications of
this disease. Its been just over a year and
my neck jaw is a little numb and some problems
with speech and the ever embarrassing crooked mouth when i smile. So i dont smile with an open mouth. Went to ENT last week and he was
checking my mouth and tongue. This was a new
ENT because my old ENT moved out of state. Lucky me!! Anyway, he was concerned with one of my molars, on the right side, last in the back.
It has some metallic over it from the previous dentist that was doing a root canal on it. He told me to get it removed because he had a similar patient, my age, that had that same metallic like metal on that molar. He thinks that might be the cause of my tongue cancer.
My other eNT never mentioned it to me. I had this metallic metal cap like thing in my molar 6 months prior to me getting tongue cancer. And everytime i went to the eNT for my check-ups i would always ask the ENT if that tooth looked abcessed, he would say no and i said it kind of bothers me. But i didnt know if it was the neck dissection or the tooth that was causing the dull pain in my jaw. So after a year i went to the dentist (new dentist) and asked if my tooth was abcessed. They said no and x-rays are fine. Then i mentioned we'll why is bother me. Its a very dull pain. i had the ent touch it with a tongue depressor and it hurts. He just told me to get that thing out of my mouth because it rests against the side of my tongue.
Anyway, the dentist is gonna look at it again and xray it and then maybe extract it. The only thing that helps is antibiotics and ive been taking them off and on for about a year so the light pain is minimal. Now its time to do something about it.

So , i believe it has something to do with the metaliic like metal in our mouths that are causing cancer. Not saying its everybody and i know dentists will deny it but its something to think about and make you wonder.
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Hi to all,
Hope everyone is doing well.
Its been almost 4 years and ive been cancer free. its still not 100%. I still have nerve issue with the lower lip and tongue but every year it gets a little bitty better. i did have some cosmetic surgery in fall of 2010 to repair the dissection. that has healed. Right now i use bio oil for the scar once in awhile and i take vitamin b for the nerve. i can talk well but not as fast as id like. maybe i need more physical therapy with the tongue. anyway, i still get checkups from my oral surgeon every 6 months as well as going to the dentist to get a cleaning every 4 months. It is still tough to talk normal when i workout with weights or running. The tongue tends to get thicker or stiff when working out. ive also had blood drawn and had some ct scans of head and neck tht were all negative. I just try to stay healthy by eating good foods and excerise. For those of you who are going through this. It takes time and time will heal all wounds physically and mentally. So just hang in there, things will get better.
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I couldn't agree more. Hang in there because thongs can get better and life can get back to 'normal'. Hagg.


16 years and still kicking it. Never give up your fight.
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