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Growth in throat
Hello, I'm new to this forum so I hope I posted in the correct way.
I have had 3 episodes of sore throats in less than two months. I was put on amoxicillan twice and Levicor (sp?) on the last visit. Within the last two weeks, I now have a fleshy growth in the back of my throat on the right side, kind of goes behind the tongue, so I don't know how far it goes down.

Needless to say, primary has scheduled me with a specialist.

I have a hard time swallowing, I drool at night, my glands are swollen and my ears ache.

Does anyone know anything about the growth I have described?

Anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance
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Hello Gwendolyn

Antibiotics are often given for a suspected throat infection. It is good that your doctor has referred you to see a specialist (ENT, I assume). You need a specialist to identify the growth/swelling. It could be a swollen tonsil, etc and not a cancer. Lumps seen at the back of the tongue are often part of the normal scenery. These large bumps on the top surface of the back of the tongue are a type of papilla called circumvallate papillae. They are located along the "circumvallate line" and contain taste buds that confer the sense of sour and bitter to the back of the tongue. They can actually be quite prominent and are often mistaken by patients for cancerous growths.

Look at Figs. 1.37 and 1.39 in this article called Examination Technique with Normal Findings and Structures Mistaken for Disease for pictures of normal appearances.Try gargling with warm salt water to make it feel better.

If the growth gets bigger or more uncomfortable, ask for an earlier appointment. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

Disclaimer: Please see your own dentist/doctor for a proper diagnosis as my words should not, in any circumstances, be taken as dental/medical advice.

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Thanks for your reply Dr.

There aren't any growths on my tongue, it's located at the back of the throat. I would describe the shape similar to fungi on a tree, a mass like shape. Not uniform in any way. It's about an inch long and a quarter in it's thickness.

I've researched swollen tonsils, white patches, etc...but can't find anything similar to what I have. All I know is that it hurts and it appeared in less than two weeks.

I have an appt. today, my pcp sounded very concerned.
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correction:a quarter inch in thickness Smiler
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HI... I think i have the same thing...growth in my throat...what did u find out?
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hi, i have the same thing going on but today i noticed another growth on my throat and my doctor said it was nothing, this one is soar and is larger than the other; I've had the same throat problems for about a month with no difference.
i don't know what to do so if someone could comment to this. thanks for your time.
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hi... i have he same thing i think. a dentist and 2 doctors saw it before i got sent to a ENT dr. he is going to remove it in 2 weeks. has anyone found anything out?
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