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I have a lump on my gum
About a year ago i had cronic tooth ache and was told to have the tooth out, as i have a fear of dentists and injections i didnt end up going, my tooth has not given me any bother touch wood, but i have this lump come up all the time, sometimes it goes down and other times is swells right up and when it bursts i get this white stuff come out of it along with alot of blood, im very worried about it as its starting to hurt, can you please give me some advise, many thanks
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Good Afternoon Kate,
You need to see your dentist as soon as you can get an appointment.
I can't think of anyone who likes injections,I certainly don't, but it hurts for a few seconds which has to be better than what you are putting up with.What you describe does not sound like mouth cancer, it sounds more like an abcess but it will not go away on its own.
When you finish reading this reply pick up the phone and make the appointment.
Please let us know how you get on.
Keep Smiling Razzer
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Don't be scared of going to the dentist. If it is an abcess then the dentist will probably treat this with a course of anti-biotic tablets.

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thankyou for your replies, stops me from worrying so much, i will try make an appointment with my dentist as soon as possible.Just a question but why would does the lump come and go? it normally swells up when i eat or drink, everytime its bursts and the white stuff comes out, what is that? again thanks for your comments really helps xx
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We are not medical people here Kate and the only way to get peace of mind is to visit your dentist. However I don't think what you describe is cancer I am with John you likely to be suffering from recurrant abcesses probaby due an infected tooth root. My eldest son who has a phobia of dentists suffers these from time to time. Last time (about 6 weeks ago)it was so bad he was referred as an emergency case to our hospitial's maxiofacial unit, he got the swelling lanced and antibiotics to treat the infection and is back on the 24th to have his rotten roots removed under general anaesthetic -and not before time he is 33. Had he gone to a dentist years ago he would have been referred then and avoided many painful problems. My son was also terrible at oral hygiene and food debris is likely to aggrevate the infection and what comes out is likely to be puss from the abcess, not very pleasant - now phone that dentist. Alan
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