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Help I'm worried!
A couple of weeks ago I noticed a strange sensation above my front teeth. One of these teeth is a crown so was worried it was going to come out so went to dentist who examined the area and said all was fine. When I got home I poked around and felt a bone like pea sized lump high up on the gum above the crown. It causes no pain but I have no nerve there. I worry about cancer all the time anyway so finding this lump has sent me into a blind panic. This may have always been there but I can't be sure. Colour of the gum is normal. Does anyone know what it could be?
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Hi Shelby

It's like trying to tell the Sun not to come up in the East, I know, but do try not to panic.

Did the dentist x-ray your tooth to make sure that the root isn't broken or infected? You might want to get an appointment with either an endodontist or an oral surgeon if it doesn't clear up. The only other suggestion I can come up with is please stop poking at it.

Let us know what happens.


Howdilly doodilly, survivorinos!
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