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Bumps inside both cheeks??
I have bumps on both of my cheeks, that goes from the back of where my teeth start, from a bump, which the bump is on both sides, to the opening of my mouth, it's a line that starts where my teeth meet like in the middle of my cheeks. The right side is more dominate with the line. ANYONE Know what this is?? Should I be worried? I've had them for a long while. But when I ask people if they have the same thing, they all say no.

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Hello andyg89

The papilla and opening of the parotid duct (Stensen) lie opposite the maxillary second molar and the occlusal or bite line opposite where the teeth occlude on the inner aspect of both cheeks. These normal bumps are shown at Examination Technique with Normal Findings and Structures Mistaken for Disease - look at (Figure 1.21).

Hope that helps.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

Disclaimer: Please see your own dentist/doctor for a proper diagnosis as my words should not, in any circumstances, be taken as dental/medical advice.

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I'm having the same problem right now! A couple days ago I started to get some slightly red lumps along the insides of my cheeks (same place as andyg89- in a line from the back of where my teeth meet to the front) and it seems to have gotten worse since then (the amount and size of the lumps). It almost feels like several small, swollen glands lining my cheeks This is the second time this has happened to me (both in the past year) and it seems to have happened after I ate really spicy food- could this be an allergic reaction to something?? Anyone know of any other explanations?
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i have this too! it feels like an allergic reaction. Dr Vinod, do you have any laymen explanation? your link no longer works. whats going to make this go away? is my contact BTW anyone goin thru this, Lemmi know

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