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Help, I just pulled hair out of my tongue
For the last couple of days it has felt like Ive had a hair stuck in the back of my throat, I finially was able to get ahold of it and when I pulled it out there were about 3 strainds of straight 2 inch blonde hairs and the roots were still sticking out of a lump on the very back of my tongue. I pulled out what I could with tweezers but it only looked like I got one and it had some black on the root of the hair. Also the sides where my tongils where are white but my tongue looks fine. I cant find anything thats even close to this experience online. I also have been having swelling in my legs, kidney problems and several other problems that seems to go with kidney failure but the hospital just says I have stones but they are still in my kidney. Could kidney problems have anything to do with hair growing on your tongue? Im freaking out and Im not sure what to do? Can anyone help?
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I'm sorry, have read your post and to be honest don't have a clue.
Dr. Joshi is great about keeping a eye on what's going on here and his advice is invaluable. Hold tight and I'm sure he will get to you soon.
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Normal filiform papillae are approximately 1 mm in length, but they can sometimes grow longer.

The papillae can pick up stains and become discoloured. There is a condition commonly referred to as "hairy tongue" and there is no definitive cause for it. Sometimes medications, certain body conditions or diseases, heavy smoking or radiation will contribute to the onset, but nothing has been identified as being the sole cause of it. No treatment is required but it can be irritating. Please see your dentist and/or physician again to try to pinpoint a possible relationship with your medical condition or medication.

Brushing your tongue and good oral hygiene will help but no other treatment is really necessary because it's harmless.

Hope this helps

Disclaimer: Please see your own dentist/doctor for a proper diagnosis as my words should not, in any circumstances, be taken as dental/medical advice.

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My mum has hair stuck on her tongue. She was sucking on a piece of chocolate while brushing her hair and some how a strand of hair got entangled onto one of the tastebuds at the back of her tongue!

It hurts badly when she tries to yank it out. What should she do? Her tastebud is swelling.

Please help! Thank you!
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Hi Joanna

Her dentist might be able to help her. As my mom says if it hurts when you do that, don't do that! Besides, you might injure her tongue further if you succeed in yanking the hair off.

I have hair on my tongue, but not the classic "hairy tongue." It's there because the donor site for my flap (right forearm) is quite hairy. During a recent dentist visit Flappy was given his first--and so far only--haircut because the doctor was bothered by the presence of hair.

Let us know how things turn out.


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