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blood blisters in mouth???
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Hi Meryl- Sue,

I too have been getting a single blood blister upper left side of my gum. It does not hurt but to get rid of it I just use toilet paper and pop it - just a small amount of blood comes out. I've noticed that when I eat crunchy foods I always get them. I feel it is not serious to see a doctor only if the condition changes, because this is the side if my mouth I chew with.

Hope this helps others.

Good Health to all.

Diva wanda
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I get these every few months - only smallish blisters on the inside of my cheeks. My Dad gets them too so maybe its a family thing>

Anyway, just felt two large blisters in my mouth - looked in the mirror and they are the biggest yet! They took some bursting. After a little worrying I remembered that I took a bite into my cheek a couple of days ago when eating (was v hungry!) so this is probably the cause in my case...
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I have this same blister, about the side of a dime. When I lance it, it bairly bleads, and fills right back uo. It keeps getting bigger. Ive had it for about nine months and it almost feels like I have bubbles in it. Would it still be Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica?
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After getting these blisters on and off over the last few years I also googled the phenomenon.

I also get blood blisters from biting the inside of my cheek when eating food/s, even when being really careful! Sometimes I go for months without getting them, and other times I have had two in one day!

I do avoid sharp foods as a result**, potato chips are the worst culprits, as are crusty breads and also pizza bases. I've never had them from hot drinks.

Another factor I can relate to is stress. I have a pretty stressful lifestyle, unfortunately, which I am working on making into a less-stressful one, but that's a long term goal. The blisters do seem to coincide with when the stress was diagnosed! (so could be a blood pressure thing too) idk?

I also eat very well (I have trained to be a personal trainer/diet coach), I don't and never have smoked, and I drink on occasion.

Either way, as suggested several times here, I just leave them be. I used to burst them but sometimes, which resulted in more pain lasting several days. I know how annoying and a little scary they can be, especially when they just pop out-out of nowhere! But, they ALWAYS go within 48 hours, or less. I've had them swell and go back down in less than 10 minutes, and I have also watched them swell in the mirror (which is not very pleasant, but from a medical aspect its probably very interesting!).

I also suffered with mucoceles for many years (fluid filled blisters on the bottom lip and cheek lining), my last serious one was about 2 years ago. After many doctors/hospital visits (resulting in several surgeries), ...and reading on the internet it's pretty obvious that these too are caused by trauma/s to the mouth lining.

**As a nurse once said to me, 'prevention is better than cure'! I couldn't agree more! I have since changed the way I sleep, which has removed the white lines on the insides of my cheeks, where my teeth were rubbing whilst sleeping, and when eating I am very conscious about how I chew (although the odd mishap can occur)(maybe as I said this is stress related, worrying about getting the blisters whilst eating, lol, a true vicious circle if ever there was! Wink
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I have blood blisters in my mouth after eating foods that contain tartrazine. Tartrazine is in many of our foods. The side effects of tartrazine is very worrying and is banned in some countries. But the list of side effects does not include blood blisters in the mouth. But this chemical is the definate culprit of my blood blisters.
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today i just noticed two blood-clot looking blisters in my mouth ! i am a little scared but relieved when i saw certain posts.i am a cigarette smoker and that might be the problem but i am scared to go to the doctor!
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Picture of Julia
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Hi Sunshine

The first thing to do is stop smoking. Next, please call your doctor or dentist for a checkup if these blisters have not gotten better within a couple of weeks.

Believe me, as veterans in the war against cancer, we here at the site understand being scared of going to the doctor. Unfortunately, I can't think of a better way to find out what the problem is. When you DO go to the doctor, please take someone along.

Let us know how it turns out.


Howdilly doodilly, survivorinos!
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What is the most effective way to get rid of blood blisters?

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