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my husband has moth cancer and has had radio and chemo therapy he has now been told he has osteonecrosis, been told he is being referred to another hospital, he is is extreme pain, noone has spoken to him re pain relief, or what the treatment/cure is
we have been given no information whatsoever
any information greatly appreciated
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Hi Doreen, I'm sorry no one has come aboard to answer your question. There are some members who had had treatment for Osteoradionecrosis who I'm sure will come to your aid. If you go to the "Find" button on the L. upper page & type in Osteoradionecrosis, you will find lots of discussions from other members.
Does your Oncologist have a Cancer Specialist nurse you could contact for advice? You could also phone up the McMillan service for your area, they are very helpful & could guide you in the right direction for help.
All the best to both, let us know how you get on. Fran.
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Hi Doreen,
I'm sorry your husband seems to be suffering at the moment.And it's not easy for you either. It might be that as he is being referred he is in the process of being someone elses responsibility.
That helps neither of you! Ring for an immediate appt to sort out some pain meds.
Oramorph - which is squirted into the back of the throat may be given. Also morphine based pain relief patches may be given which release over a period of time.
I would like to think your radiotherapy consultant has advised and given sufficient support by now.
It's not an easy time I know.
Good luck - tony k
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