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Lost Postings
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Good Morning Krishan,
I wonder if you could give some thought to a difficulty which I regularly experience with the message boards.
when I reply to a posting and look for any follow up the next day, more often than not a new message has been posted and reference to the previous message is somewhat less than obvious. I can well imagine that someone new to the site could assume that the new message has deleted the previous one and that is the end of it.I am sure that any one who is looking for advice on the worrying nature of the subject matter with which we deal would be most frustrated to find that their message has been discarded so quickly
I can't think,at this moment, of an easy way of dealing with this problem other than to put a prominent heading on the forum page along the lines of"IF YOU CAN'T FIND YOUR MESSAGE CLICK HERE" and doing so links to an explanation as to how the original message and replies can be found.
I trust that you had a pleasant Christmas and I wish you well for the new year.
Keep Smiling Razzer
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